Okay Hi, internet. 

I’m a 16 year old teenager with a blog. This is just my 3rd post, and don’t have much followers or visiters, but I don’t care. And I decided to make a blog to get of my head all the overthinking that goes through my mind everyday, and you might think “Oh that’s so new”, but I don’t care either. This blog will stop my head from exploding. But also it will let me introdce you to my side of the moon.

Let me tell you more about my self by answering to the question:

Who the fuck I am…

Well guest what stranger, I don’t fucking know. So I will answer you another question:

Who I want to be?

I can tell you that I’m not the person that wants to have a perfect life; have two kids a boy and a girl, my husband super handsome and all that shit, but I’m not hat tipe of girl. Or maybe, I want to make all my dreams come true, grow up and be someone wonderful that will safe the world, but then again, I’m not like that, it sounds kind of stupid, without disrespecting people who think like this.

I believe in making mistakes, lots of them. In my short life I have learned that people who make lots of them are the best, they are strong, smart and thay learn to make better descisions and have more fun. So yeah, I want to be someone whotakes the wrong path, but just because when I finally take the rightone, I’m going to enjoy a lot more. I want my life to be fun and full of bruised knees, I want it to be crazy, twisted. door-to-the-rainbow-lebanon

I’m the crapy kid and I want to be a writer of my own perpective of life, because trust me nobody wants to read about perfect lifes, they like tragic, and dramatic stories with unbelieveble endings…



Catch my sorrows at night,

let me daydream with sun light..